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Welcome on my Grand Design webpage. Yes, you are right, this name comes from the famous English TV program by Kevin McCloud.
Same as this TV program, i am trying to bring artistic feeling and quality finish to my works.

I have studied two art schools, which gave me a lot s of knowledge of art, design, practical uses, quality, and other useful experiences.
I have over 14 years of experiences in building industries.

I care passionately about my work and receive a large proportion of it through recommendations from existing satisfied customers. I am proud of my reputation and always go the extra mile to ensure that customers are completely satisfied.

I am based in Lambesc.
My working area in up to 40 km from Lambesc.
Other places to discuss.
(english spoken)
Assurance: MAFF Assurances S.A.,Chaban 79180 Chauray,Garantie Attestation Civile Desennale et Resposibilite Civile
Police No.: 113465312 Z 001 .Couverture France metropolitaine